Zajac’s Services

From high-volume waterjet cutting and plasma cutting services to numerical control machining and metal finishing, you’ll find it all here at Zajac.

  • Bending & Folding Services
  • Plasma Cutting Services
  • Metal Sawing Services
  • Metal Shearing Services
  • Waterjet Cutting Services
  • 6 Axis Tube Cutting
  • Metal Punching services

OMAX 60120 JetMaching Center

Our Waterjet can quickly cut metal and plastic parts from sheet materials using a high-pressure stream of water and abrasive. Produced directly from DXF files. We serve numerous industries with our custom manufacturing services. We have waterjet cut art, signs, sculptures, architectural work, as well as thick armor plating and thin material for the defense, aerospace, and aircraft industries. From small to large, prototype manufacturing to production, Zajac, LLC has you covered.


  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastics
  • Other specialty materials upon request

Precision Machining

In addition to milling and turning, our numerical control machining capabilities include value-added services like drilling, tapping, countersinking, and other custom machining. We adhere to strict tolerances that allow us to minimize waste while maximizing accuracy.

Our facility and fully-equipped machine shop allow us to produce custom parts and pieces for all industries. We’ve produced everything from custom machined brackets and manifolds to conveyor pieces and art installations

Metal Fabrication Services

Zajac, LLC offers metal fabrication and welding from prototype phase to product-ready parts. This means your project can be cut, formed, and welded in house, saving you the hassle of working with several shops. As part of our commitment to quality, we can provide documentation and traceability for materials certification, materials inspection, and machine calibration. In other words, everything you need for a successful end result.

OMAX Rotary Axis

The Rotary Axis is a robust, water resistant submersible rotary head that allows the abrasive waterjet to cut 6-axis* paths to create complex 3D shapes in tube, pipe, and bar stock. Constant rotational control allows for continuous cutting around a shape. Advanced software features in the Intelli-MAX Software Suite grant the ability to cut complex shapes and angles when used in conjunction with the A-Jet® articulated cutting head. Precision indexed rotations offer accurate cutting of multi-faceted shapes and other geometric-shaped materials.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is similar to laserjet cutting in some applications, however waterjet cutting is a low contact low heat process producing burr-free parts. Waterjet cutting eliminates secondary operations and reduces material waste because parts can be closely nested on the material being cut. The end result can be more affordable.

  • No heat affected zone
  • Cut almost any material
  • Minimal distortion or warping of material
  • Minimum to no burr
  • High precision
  • Cutting tolerances as close as +/-.003″
  • Cut material up to 5-1/2” thick
  • 60” X 120” cutting table

What we can make for you!

Zajac can make your parts to keep the process going.

  • conveyor parts
  • hand tools
  • storage containers
  • pressure tanks
  • filler parts
  • decking
  • rails
  • steps
  • flowplates
  • grates
  • floor drains covers
  • strainers
  • gears
  • automotive parts
  • aircraft parts
  • lighting fixtures
  • carts
  • tables
  • engine parts
  • electrical enclosures
  • cooking utensils
  • medical devices
  • handles
  • picture frames
  • knobs
  • signs