Zajac has been doing essentially all of our process and controls work here at the brewery for the last ten years. Their quality and professionalism has been phenomenal, and I really feel like they care about the final quality of our beer just as do all of our employees here at the brewery.

Rob Tod
Owner of Allagash Brewing Co

We’re filling one of the new tanks as I write, and that wouldn’t have been possible if you and your crew hadn’t done such a great job over the last couple of weeks. Art and Fred and their team did some amazing work, very quickly, in very difficult conditions, and you all have saved us from the potentially disastrous consequences of another company’s mistakes. Thanks again for all your help, and be sure that you’ll be at the top of our list for contractors on our future projects.   Thanks again for all your help!   Cheers,

Ben Low
Director of Brewing Operations / Baxter Brewing Company

It's a privilege to work with people with the dedication and expertise this team has shown.
Doug Castle Zajac has again proven that they are a valued partner and go the extra mile to make Keurig Green Mountain and this project in particular a success. James Molloy I want to say how proud I am of this team. It has been a great pleasure driving this effort with the controls team, the Zajac team, all of whom have worked tirelessly long days and weekends for the last two months to meet our objectives. Without the many long hours this team has spent, I can guarantee we would be weeks if not months behind schedule. Instead we delivered, actually ahead of schedule. These people deserve significant credit for a job well done, and may I add to all of them my personal thanks. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with all of you. Bill French


I would like to thank the Zajac family for supporting me and my family over all these years, and to thank everyone at Zajac LLC for everything they have done for this plant over the past 30+ years.   It was always the same great team. I cannot begin to count all the great things that were accomplished in Methuen that kept us growing as a business and in technology. No project was too big or small that you could not accomplish it on schedule and on budget.   Thanks for all the weekends, holidays, and late night calls that were always answered. As a team you always came through for us whether it was supporting maintenance, training, fast‐paced projects, or stepping‐in on projects at the last minute when other vendors walked out on us.   Best of luck to all in the future.   Thanks again,

Tony Cote
System Engineer at Yoplait‐Colombo / General Mills for 39 years

I'd like to applaud you and your team on a job well done thus far. The loop looks beautiful. The precision, craftsmanship, and professionalism your team has exhibited on this project is astounding.   Thank You,