Experience + Quality + On Time

Seal Replacement Services - Zajac field service technicians are trained to service most major valve manufacturers. Including Alfa Laval, Cherry Burrell, Bardiani, Definox, Gemu, ITT, Sudmo and Tuchenhagen. Our seal replacement services include full documentation, installation and testing.

Calibration Services - Zajac commissioning and calibration technicians are trained to repair and calibrate pressure, temperature and flow devices. We follow manufactures procedures for testing and calibration using NIST certified devices.

Pump Laser Alignment Services - Incorrectly aligned shafts result in more than 50% of all malfunctions in rotating machines causing unscheduled downtime and production losses. Misaligned shafts increase vibrations and friction, which increase the energy consumption and cause premature bearing and seal damage. Zajac has the tools and technicians to perform shaft alignment on your positive displacement pumps.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Pump Laser Alignment
  • Seal Replacement System
  • Elastomer Change-Over
  • Calibration
  • Valve and Pump Training