Zajac has over 35 years experience designing and building dairy systems. Our experienced team of process engineers and project managers are experts in sanitary design, CIP integration, 3-A compliance and PMO regulations.

Typical systems include:

  • HTST/UHT Pasteurization
  • Aseptic Systems
  • CIP Systems
  • Blending and Fortification
  • Standardization/Homogenization
  • Dry Ingredient Addition
  • Mixproof Valve Technology
  • Legal FDV Controls


  • 24/7 PMO Mixproof Valve Installations
  • Automated 72 hr Runtime Process/CIP Systems
  • Automated Culture Delivery
  • NFDM Delivery Systems
  • Blending and Fortification Systems
  • BOD Reduction
  • Fermentation Tank Systems